DateJuly 2015
LocationBryanston, Johannesburg

Our client was previously utilising the space as a study area and it needed to undergo a complete transformation into a nursery as she was expecting a baby boy. The client was specific in detailing the colours preferred; warm colours, with touches of grey and yellow. It needed to be a space where a child can make a mess, as well as be a comfortable space to rest and have fun. Connotations of the ‘Hamptons’ must continue in the room so that it flows with the rest of the home.

Our Solutions

Post the baby shower, we looked at all the gifts received and at that point, we utilised these gifts to make up the space. We painted the focal wall grey with a white border to frame the space marked for the ‘Princes’ Court’. We added some artwork, wash painted the court and dresser with an antique effect, while painting the flowing shelves yellow. ┬áVinyl stickers were placed on the walls; fire trucks, cars, bears and finally a ‘Cartoon Network’ black and white logo housing the baby boy’s name.